Love is in the air for Miley Cyrus, who is said to tie the knot with her alleged beau Liam Hemsworth, any time sooner.

While we are quite uncertain about her marriage rumors doing the rounds, we are certain about one thing!

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She has definitely regained her lost charm after restoring her relation with Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus, the contemporary singer literally stole the limelight at the Grammy Awards this January.

The 25 years old who was critically bashed for her bizarre dressing sense back years, is busy gathering praises all over these days.

No wonder, she has improved a ton, from her appearance to her performances, we tend to see decency in every form of hers.

However, something about Miley Cyrus that has never changed is her love for fitness.

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None can deny that the Hannah Montana famed has looked this slim and gorgeous at every phase of her career.

All thanks to her love for Liam, we can now see Miley growing her lovely locks she chopped some years back.

Age: 25 years.
Height: 1.65m (5.4”)
Weight: 48kgs.
Measurement: 34-24-33 inches.


Miley has never been unresponsive about her lifestyle, eating habits and trainings in general.

Every now and then, the lady love of Liam Hemsworth updates her fans about her on goings and never chooses to mum her lips about what keeps her fit and healthy.

Miley Cyrus diet is vegan.

Miley Cyrus DietShe quit all the non-veg foods after a very disturbing incidence in her life.

Back in 2014, her much loved, pet dog was critically injured by a coyote which left Miley upset and disturbed.

Distressed Miley then decided to purge off all the animal foods from her diet and shift herself to veganism.

The bold and beautiful girl has been following the vegan diet for a couple of years now, and is very strict about it.

We often get to see her supporting animal rights for which she gets much appreciation and support worldwide.

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Now since, the See you again singer follows a plant-based diet, we don’t doubt her being this healthy and fit.

As per the research, the kind of kind is highly beneficial for us, with regard to our health and fitness. It greatly aids in reducing the fat levels, promotes digestion and favors a clear, healthy skin.

Apart from supplying a plethora of benefits to our body, it also strengthens our defense system and keeps several, fatal diseases at bay.

In attempt to promote a diet like this, Miley, on several counts has expressed how healthy she feels after switching herself to veganism.

As per her Instagram post, she has able to save herself from several diseases that erupt from the consumption of animal foods.

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She further expressed her contentment to save the precious lives of creatures which would have got into her plate as food. 

But, her diet is not the only factor that has a contribution in her svelte figure. Miley is also known for her workouts, particularly yoga!

Miley Cyrus workout heavily revolves around Ashtanga yoga, which is too challenging, but rewarding.

Those who are familiar with/ follow yoga must be well aware of the fact that the practice is a higher stage of yoga that is extremely beneficial for the toning purpose.

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In addition to this, it also helps with the strength and flexibility of the body. The singing sensation spares 2 hours for Ashtanga yoga every day- impressive, isn’t it?

Apart from yoga, her secret to her shaped belly and legs lies in her fondness for Pilates!


Quite surprisingly, Miley has pulled her hands off all her unhealthy habits for good!

Yes, she is no more into weed, alcohol or any other injurious stuff!

Her life is completely different to what it was in the previous years!

Her lifestyle is clean and so are her habits!


Miley Cyrus weight is on the healthy side and she has now become a role model for the youth. No wonder, the changes she has made in herself are truly worth the praise.

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Miley Cyrus before and after weight loss

It seems like she has switched to a better life for the love of her life, Liam. But whatever the cause may be, the point is that we have found our Hannah Montana back!

Well, on the lighter note, we wish her life be full of positivity and love!

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Before you go, don’t forget to watch Miley Cyrus before and after photos to admire her efforts and hard work!